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40 times

At the mark of the 40th episode of Own Your Story podcast, I decided to put a stop to this journey and focus on turning the audio contents into a book, something tangible that people could hold, a medium in which I could express myself most honestly.

40 episodes.

They represented 40 times of putting myself out there, 40 times of taking the risk to look like a fool, 40 times of potential rejection, 40 times of making mistakes, 40 times of fixing, 40 chances of learning.

I wasn’t afraid to say that I am proud of myself when I looked back at where it all started.

Seasons in life

I started the podcast at a time when I was panic about figuring out the next step in life. At that time, being able to interview people and share their stories gave me a sense of purpose and helped me to move forward.

While I used to blame myself for the lack of clarity, it took time to understand that life happens in seasons just like nature, it is okay to slow down in the winter and appreciate the beauty in it.

I can only find contentment in life when I feel full from within, accepting myself for who I am and keeping hope for what I could be.

Transform depression into creation

At this point of life, I know that every endeavour I devoted myself to was fueled by the trauma of going through a minor depression when I had everything that made a ‘good life’.

Every piece of content turns darkness into hope. I want people to know that the weight of our lives is determined by the values we have created and the relationships we build.

Have we really lived with the intention to be our most passionate self?

Owning your stories

Putting the book together was an emotional process because the magnitude of 24 lives that are unique and powerful on their own is so much bigger than just me.

When the doubtful voice crept in, I had 24 stories at my back to remind myself of the greatness we all have in us when life seems the most challenging.

My role as an author was to document the stories truthfully, transport readers to another person’s life, cultivate empathy and help them learn something from a different perspective.

I hope that these 24 life stories become a mirror for people to reflect upon your own life — at a similar situation, what did you do? What can you do? What is possible?

The voice of our generation

After conducting more than 30 interviews with people from all walks of life, I realized that even though we live a different life, we went through a similar internal journey of taking action despite fear, overcoming self-doubt, mustering the courage to realise our highest potential at the edge of the comfort zone.

When we choose to reveal who we really are, we are able to see ourselves in everyone, beautiful with all our scars.

When we share our stories authentically, people who are struggling in darkness know that they are not alone, and they too have a voice to tell their own stories.

No one is alone when we come together, our voice is the most powerful tool we have to shape our collective narrative.

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