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Monthly Archives: March 2018

isabelle thye

Don’t take yourself too seriously

When I read Rupi Kaur’s poetry collection ‘Milk and Honey’, I was moved by the simplicity and strength in her words. I was inspired by how powerful words can be. She cracked her heart open like a walnut. I could resonate with her words, like

isabelle thye

Story and the power of meaning

Brene Brown’s TED talk, ‘The Power of Vulnerability’, is one of the most popular TED Talks of all time for a reason — she shines a light on ‘shame’ that all of us experience silently at some point in our life, pointing that authentic connections are built

isabelle thye

Love is real when it is hard

I hugged him tightly, feeling the warmth and familiarity of his embrace. Many happy moments with him flushed into my mind — the times we trekked, we walked hand in hand on the street, we chilled together in a new hotel, we laughed together at little things…