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Monthly Archives: January 2018

isabelle thye

Why is storytelling so powerful

Wow. I felt disbelief not because of the story of sexual abuse I just heard. I was amazed that a beautiful lady just shared her most vulnerable moment in life with all of us, despite this being the first time we met. In that moment,

isabelle thye

A Millennial’s Truth #1: Quitting a corporate job

There are fundamentally different types of people – some people see details while some see the big picture. It is important to understand these differences so that we fit into the right role in an organisation. From a fresh graduate boasted with pride, it took

isabelle thye

Travelling teaches me to live life and love life

There is no word to describe how important travelling is in my life, or how it has transformed me, shaped my perspective and influenced life decisions. I met people who left beautiful traces in my life, some changed my life for the better. Have you