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Monthly Archives: April 2017

isabelle thye touch life

How do we touch life?

I wasn’t in a good place last month. I lived in doubts and incongruence. It was a good experiment nevertheless; I learned so much about me and about life when I was managing a café. Even with a wealth of experience setting up new coffee

isabelle thye how to get lost in life

How to get lost in life

‘I like this place, I like the people, but what I am doing is not aligned with who I want to be. I tried to adapt and I struggled, I became a negative person that I couldn’t recognised.’ He said, ‘I guess you will leave

isabelle thye meditation

Meditation found me and changed my life

I was introduced to a friend’s friend on a random night two years ago. They talked about lucid dreaming, meditation and spiritual topics all night. I couldn’t comprehend it, but I listened and stayed with them for the next 3 hours. Maybe I was stressed