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Monthly Archives: October 2016

isabelle thye

How to live life like a story

I came to Chiang Mai with the purpose of breaking free from an environment where I couldn’t find my way out from thinking about what to do next. If we know how to live everyday like our last day on earth, are we going to

isabelle thye broken

5 Mental Antidotes for Broken Spirit

They squashed my confidence, my self esteem, my belief; made me feel so small and question what the hell am I doing. I was broken badly. I didn’t have clarity to back myself up. I was intimidated by the fact that they are more experienced

isabelle thye courage


I’ve always thought that coffee is love of my life, until all hell broke loose one day. The moment of truth struck during my first coaching session when I was required to write down the ‘why’ behind my ‘wants’. I wrote: I want to help