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Monthly Archives: June 2016

isabelle thye

Let them call you a quitter

When I wrote about quantum moments, someone told me that I quit a job for an easy way out, and I don’t have stamina to survive in a competitive environment. He made me review every life decision that has brought me where I am today,

isabelle thye

Who is your hero?

We don’t see superman flying around to save life, batman coming out at night to stop crime, or iron man spending money to build extravagant gadgets. Maybe, a real hero starts family and raises kids. He builds home to keep his family safe. He watches

isabelle thye

Happiness Deposits

I had a crappy day. When bad things happened, they happened in sequence. I made more mistakes under pressure and that frustrated me even more. I was stuck in vicious cycle of stress that day. If it was a battle between stress and me, I