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Monthly Archives: May 2016

not good enough

The fear of not being good enough

I jumped at the idea of writing a book for millennial when it first came to me. As the idea sank, I was overwhelmed with fear. ‘Am I good enough?’, ‘Do people care about what I say?’, ‘How will people judge me?’, ‘Will it hurt?’


Goodbye is – Thank you, I love you

When I saw tubes penetrating through his fragile body, it broke my heart. ‘Happy face, happy face,’ I told myself while swallowing tears. I held his hands and gently caressed his skin. Never had I done this before. There were so many things that I

isabelle thye

To be afraid is to be alive

I feel afraid a lot these days. I chose a way of life where I have to craft my own role, set my own target, and pave my own path towards it. Surprises always hit me directly in the face, sometimes hard. James Altucher wrote

isabelle thye

How I see mum as I approach ‘mum age’

Mum age: The age whereby my mum became a mother, she was 28. I believe that life is like a round trip ticket. No matter how high you soar in life, one day, you will make the trip back to the core of what makes