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Monthly Archives: May 2016

not good enough

The fear of not being good enough

I jumped at the idea of writing a book for millennial when it first came to me. As the idea sank, I was overwhelmed with fear. ‘Am I good enough?’, ‘Do people care about what I say?’, ‘How will people judge me?’, ‘Will it hurt?’


Goodbye is – Thank you, I love you

When I saw tubes penetrating through his fragile body, it broke my heart. ‘Happy face, happy face,’ I told myself while swallowing tears. I held his hands and gently caressed his skin. Never had I done this before. There were so many things that I

isabelle thye

To be afraid is to be alive

I feel afraid a lot these days. I chose a way of life where I have to craft my own role, set my own target, and pave my own path towards it. Surprises always hit me directly in the face, sometimes hard. James Altucher wrote