I've Been Where You Are Before

You have always been told what to do – be good. Because good results guarantee a good job, and good job guarantees a good life.

One day, you realise that you have all the good things in the world but there is a big hole in your heart – why does that matter?

You are living other people's stories and missing out on your own great adventure.

Hi, I’m Isabelle. After blazing through 3 different industries, started 2 businesses and wrote a couple books for millennials, I hope that my journey of finding myself will inspire you to create an adventure of your own.

Welcome to Own Your Story!

Own Your Story

It all starts with... Why not?

Praises for Isabelle

Isabelle shows great dedication, passion, and creativity in her work. Love her work and her dedication in going the extra mile in serving others.

Isabelle’s courage to open up and be vulnerable about certain incidents in her life is commendable. She certainly owned her story and shares it with the world!

Beautiful story written with a compassionate and honest millennial soul.