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isabelle thye dont beat yourself

Don’t beat yourself up

Every time you overcome a big challenge, you feel so invincible that nothing can beat you anymore; you’ve cried your heart out and you thought you’ll never shed tears again. The thing is, there are always challenges yet to come, until you learn to accept

isabelle thye

Be you, be great

I would laugh if somebody told me that I’ll be a writer the day I left business school. After four years of wandering, hitting roadblocks and exploring, I gathered enough confidence to make another pivot in life. The first day I transitioned from café industry

isabelle thye touch life

How do we touch life?

I wasn’t in a good place last month. I lived in doubts and incongruence. It was a good experiment nevertheless; I learned so much about me and about life when I was managing a café. Even with a wealth of experience setting up new coffee

isabelle thye

You have come this far

Matt looked at his dish intensely and choked up. ‘I can’t believe how far I’ve come,’ he said. This is a scene from Australia Masterchef 2016 finale when the judges asked Matt, the finalist, how he felt about his dish. I choked up too. I